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Curitiba, 19 de Fevereiro de 2019
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ícone The sun woman

I do not know her. I had never seen her before, and possibly, in this city where thousands of people pass by, every day, I will never see her again.

She was walking along the sidewalk, in the opposite direction of my walk. What struck my attention was her silver hair that I admired.

Would they be dyed by the fingers of time or chemicals?

As she passed me, her face lit up, in an open, spontaneous smile. Her lips parted and said with a pleasant intonation: Good Morning.

I felt a vibration of peace invading me. An aura of harmony embracing me. And, in that moment of a second in which we met, as I responded to the greeting, I could see her face.

The wrinkles had started drawing arabesques on smooth lines, reporting the years passing. The bright eyes were shining in the sunny morning.

I have engraved her expression in my memory.

In these days of so much outrage, such a hurry, where people seem to run as if they wished to recover minutes that have already gone, to come across a face so peaceful, really, is unusual.

Also to find someone who wishes you Good Morning! With ease, with sincere desire that it will be a very good day.

Nothing mechanical. Unconventional.

I continued my way almost in a haze, involved in harmonic vibrations that were thrown from such serene physiognomic expression.

I was thinking about how many people she would find in her day and to how many her presence, her look, her smile or her greeting would make the big difference.

As it had made to me, in a quick second.

To how many she would offer that so special compliment. And I could not help but ask myself:

Would her have left home for that purpose to illuminate the hours of those who she find? Or it would be, simply, the natural way to be in her life?

*   *  *

How many of us have this ability to benefit someone with our presence? The ability to brighten the day, to cheer up the hours of who walks beside or who, simply, goes through us?

How many of us have this wand to make someone’s day a lot different, better?

Transforming mists in sun, clouds in clarity, problems into solutions.

Only can do sun who has rays of light inside himself.

Can only radiate serenity who has achieved inner harmony, who supplanted himself and manages very well the difficulties that are presented.

Reaching this stage should be a goal for us. Looking out of place in the world. Be radiant of the good, the beautiful, the good and great things.

To do this, it is enough to want, to have the will. So, while the day sings hopes, while the hours are continuously renewed, let us start our private campaign, individually.

The campaign to bring sun into the lives of others.

 Spiritist Moment Team.
April 2.2018.

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