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Curitiba, 19 de Fevereiro de 2019
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ícone Three years ago...

Who could imagine that everything would happen this way, with the mother so far?

Luana was recovering from the successful surgery that would, finally, make her stop bleeding. The trip, scheduled months ago, could become reality.

The mother hesitated if she should really go. However, the family insisted. The many months of hospital, the sleepless nights, the constant care with the small sick one, had worn her too much.

She needed to unwind a little and rest, recompose the energies. The grandmother and aunts would continue taking very good care of Luaninha. And, after all, it would be only three days.

What could happen in such a short period?

And Luciana went, with her brother, Paulo, to their cousin’s house, in Salvador, Bahia. At night, the news that everything was well with Luana, profited her some good hours of sleep.

The next day, the sun in abundance, heat and a walk to the Farol da Barra… And it was there that the phone call arrived. Luana was not fine.

She needs you! Come fast! – That was what her mother had told her.

Luciana felt that something serious had happen with her treasure. She ran over to the airport, Paulo went to pick up their luggage at their cousin’s house. The sensitivity of the attendants at the counter of the airline, before Luciana’s despair, was moving.

She would name, later on, that day as the most agonizing of her life. While waiting for the flight that would never come, she questioned herself if she would make it in time.

So, she prayed and felt the presence of the Spiritual friends, blowing her calm.

Finally, she arrived at the hospital and had never, during the prior months, prepared herself so quickly to enter the ICU.

She literally ripped her earrings, the watch, changed her clothes…

Still in the elevator, answered a phone call: Where are you? She realized, in the anguished voice, that the time was running faster than her.

Has she gone yet? – Asked Luciana, tearful.

Not yet, but she is going…

And her beautiful princess was there. Plugged on machines, awaiting the arrival of her mommy.

Luciana sang all the songs her daughter liked. Told her all the stories she remembered. Then, with tears of pain, whispered to her ear:

Beloved daughter, you can go. Mommy will be fine. We will all be fine.

It was a beautiful moment. Parents, grandparents, aunts, around that bed, hand in hand. As if one and another wished to infuse forces.

Or perhaps because they wished to form a bead of protection to Luaninha. And then, she left… Gentle, detached.

The mother took her into her arms, cradling her for the last time and told her: Go with God, my love! See you soon! Mommy will meet you… then.

*  *  *

Three years have passed. On the anniversary of her passing, the mother wrote her a letter saying she missed her, about the sweet pain of longing, that never ceases.

But, as she had promised, she is fine. Awaiting the moment of the reunion, which will happen some day.

Awaiting the moment in which she may, again, embrace Luana, who must be in the garden of God, playing around .

Now, without pain, without sickness, she is a flower that blossoms in the Spirituality.

How sweet the comfort of Immortality!

Spiritist Moment Team, based on information
given by Luciana Goldschmidt Costa.
March 23.2018.

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