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Curitiba, 19 de Fevereiro de 2019
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ícone A world without theft

The dictionary defines that thief is the person who seizes other people’s belongings, is the person who takes what belongs to someone else and never returns it.

These objects will be used for the thief’s own benefit or will be sold to a third party, turning the theft into live currency.

With those concepts in mind, we call thief someone who walks into our home or approaches us in the street and takes our belongings. Also, someone who uses the public services, the common goods, for its own and exclusive benefit.

The person that diverts, for personal use, funds from schools, hospitals, or public health care; is not only stealing the resources but becomes responsible for the many problems to come.

That is because the money will not get to those places, preventing the school from being redone, enlarged, improved to better fulfill its role in the community.

The hospital will no longer have its Intensive Care Unit, or more beds, or a proper surgery room, and lives can be lost.

The health care center will not have the minimum conditions to take care of people with dignity.

This means that along with the theft, more serious crimes are added.

However, there are so many other kinds of thefts. Sometimes we may think that it is not true. But, every time we take something that is not ours and make it our own, the action is immoral.

Nowadays, when someone finds money, especially if it is of significant value, and looks for the owner to give it back, it becomes a headline in the news.

The normal, the ethic, the moral has become rare and, that is why, when it happens, it stands out. This is good. But it would be better if it was usual, the regular attitude, because that would show us that we care for each other. 

After all, living in this vast home we call Earth, means that we all belong to a unique and huge family: the Humanity.

We are all brothers and sisters because we were created by the same Father. It does not matter that we have different skin colors, different cultures, languages, religious belief. We are all brothers and sisters.

That is why it would be natural if we would really take good care of each other. And that the things we find that are not ours would not stay with us, besides during the period of time until we identify the owner.

Everything would be easier. We wouldn’t have to be so worried with our house, our car, our bags, our money.

If we, by mistake, give a bigger amount to the merchant we would be sure that it would be returned to us.

In any purchase, we would be sure that the asked price is just. Nothing exorbitant. It wouldn’t be offered to us something as valuable when it is not.

This would be beyond honesty. It would be fraternity, solidarity. Do to the other what we wish for ourselves, as taught in the gospel.  

How happy we would be. We would walk in the streets peacefully. We would leave on vacation without worries, without fearing being mugged on the way or at the destination.

Or even with the risk of returning home and finding ourselves without our belongings that we got with hard work.

Finally, we would invest in our politicians, electing or reelecting them to their positions, with the certainty that their real goals would be to serve the people.

A better world. A world without improper appropriations. An Earth of peace. A home.

Let’s think about it.

Spiritist Moment Team.
March 22.2018.

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