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Curitiba, 12 de Dezembro de 2018
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ícone Always with us

Prepare thyself, Christ will return.

This sentence can be read in many outdoors through the roads of our country.

The affirmative raises reflections. When Jesus identified Himself to men, He presented himself as the Shepherd, the good Shepherd, The One who knows His sheep and they, by their turn, recognize His voice.

He referred to the mercenary, who runs when he sees the wolf coming, saving his own skin and leaving the flock for the beast.

On the contrary, the good Shepherd gives His life for His sheep.

When He said His farewell at the well known Last Supper, preparing the Apostles for the sacrifice of His life, He taught: I will not leave you as orphans; I am going there to prepare a place for you.

In the cross, in full agony, He manifested Himself to Dimas, the good thief, who begged to be remembered at his arrival at His kingdom, affirming that in that same day he would be with Him, in heaven.

The good Shepherd extended His mercy to the lost sheep, rescuing it, allowing it to initiate his process of regeneration. 

When we think about these sayings and doings of Jesus, we conclude that He, Guide and Model, did not leave us aside at any time.

Therefore, even though the Master was dead, He did not raise to the heavenly sceneries leaving behind His flock.

Three days after His physical death, He showed Himself to Magdalene at the Mount of Olives.

On the Road to Emmaus along with two disciples, He explained the meaning of the last Calvary events.

By the nightfall, He entered the hostel with them, blessing the bread and sharing it as He usually did.

He entered the cenacle more than once, with the doors and windows shut; later, at the lakeside and, for forty days, He continued to orientate, soothing hearts and diminishing the feeling of lost of those who loved Him.

And He continues to demonstrate, every so often, that He is vigilant by our side.

He showed at the road of Damascus with the midday sun high up in the sky and remembered the Pharisee of Tarsus that was his commitment to spread the Gospel.

He looked for Ananias, the old preacher, at his home and recommended him to look for Saul, the persecutor, who was staying in the boarding house at the Right Street.

And in those firsts days of Christianity, He stayed by the side of those who handed themselves to death for the love of the truth that He taught.

Barely after leaving the flesh, He welcomed them at the threshold of Spirituality, holding them, generous, for the deserved rest.

To the old fisherman Peter, at the Appian Way, He informs that He is returning to Rome, to be crucified again, since the leaders had left them alone.

This is Jesus, the good Shepherd. Always present. Always with us.

Let´s think about this and do recognize His voice that is calling us, once more, to home, to the bosom of His kingdom of love.

Let´s think about that every time that pain insists in staying in our soul or when we miss the ones we love and the places that intend to break our hearts.

Hear Him, Follow Him.

Spiritist Moment Team.
March 5.2018.

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