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Curitiba, 20 de Março de 2019
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ícone The most illustrious Visitor

What do we do when it is announced the visit of someone important in our country: a political leader, a religious leader, an authority of science, an artist?

Everybody gets ready: the broadcast media, the printed media and the radio media get out their best reporters, photographers, editors for full coverage. The country's authorities schedule the date and receive the visitor with all the dignitary honors.

They offer gifts, visits to historical places, and give speeches, among other things, praising the figure, and his work.

The people get ready to the reception at the airport, they wait for the entourage to go through the streets, carrying flags, flowers or simply waving, all undeniably showing how welcomed that person is in the country.

During the time this important person isin the country, the media and the people stay close to where this visitor is staying, just waiting for a nod, an opportunity to see this visitor, to take a photo, or even a handshake.

These are busy days. And, when the visitor returns to his home country, everybody that got a photo, a handshake, any souvenir that was given by the visitor, will, at the first chance they have, show that for their friends, or post it on social media. It is an achievement, a joy that will be remembered many times, for many years to come.

That memory will be told over and over again, because the person feels honored to have been present at the time of the speech, or when the visitor was walking by, or when a blessing was given. It will be remembered year after year: I met him. I attended the party. I heard his speech live. He waved to me.


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On distant days, in a restless land, one night was especially great.

The stars shone more intensely and, at some point, a great peace settled over the entire planet.

A star appeared in the skies, different, bigger and with a brighter glow than any star ever seen. An ensemble of united Spirits.

A heavenly choir sang the song of hope into the ears of those who had ears to listen.

And shepherds left their sheep in the field ... And the wise men from the East left their countries ... to visit a Boy.

He was the most Supreme King, the Governor of the Planet, the Solar Christ.

He had abandoned the stars, temporarily, so He could be with His sheep, the self-elected Celestial Shepherd.

Such important Visitor, marking His passage on Earth with words and deeds never performed and never said before, however He was not recognized by many, yet.

He left as His legacy the greatest message of all times: Love each other.

When will we realize that Jesus, with all His perfection and unique essence, visited Earth? He came to us, offered His love and is now waiting, with open arms, for us to get closer to Him.

His stay in our planet lasted a little over three decades and it was registered by the sagacity of a special reporter, who wrote: For God so loved the world that he gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.

His biography, written by four people, at different times and in different styles, has been translated into almost all languages: dead languages, modern languages.

Who has already discovered His existence, His teachings and has adopted He as a Model and Guide, recognizing the Lord and Master Jesus?

 Spirits Moment Team, with quotes
The Gospel of John, chapter 3, verse 16.
February 28.2018.

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