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Curitiba, 20 de Março de 2019
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ícone There will still be God

There will be days when we will feel an empty soul, as a desert without life, with no sign of rebirth, nothing, at all, that indicates possibilities, stealing the hope from us.

Still, there will be God.

There will be days where we feel as if a cold wind had swept everything, leaving only the nothingness, freezing the optimism and joy.

Even so, there will still be God.

There will be days in which we wake up grieving, in deep sadness, bringing in our soul the buildups of losses and pains of the traveled road, making us fear the next step, the continuity of the walk.

Nevertheless, there will still be God.

There will be days in which the loneliness will appear to be the only company in our journey, like nothing or no one existed to share with us the difficulties that we face.

Although it does not appear, there will still be God.

There will always be difficult days in the paths of all of us.

Face up and face the world are not tasks of little significance or within easy driving.

There will be times when we will assault the certainty that we are going to faint before the immense mountains that rise up ahead.

Some of them are in our intimate world, waiting for our actions.

Others present themselves on the roads we travel, inviting us to the necessary fights.

It is natural that way. As Jesus reminds us, there will be afflictions in the world.

They are the afflictions that are born out of our faith, still fragile, of our poor understanding of the world, of the virtues just blossoming.

So, do not lose your heart, even in troubled days.

The afflictions will be minimized, the learning will be built, difficulties will be beaten.

God did not put us on this world to suffer punishment or to be penalized.

He does not expect us to get sad with the problems that we get here.

His love reaches us, in the most varied manners and in a constant form.

Because He is fair, He allows us to face the necessary pains only when we hold the capacity and conditions of surpassing them.

This way, when these days come, when sadness invades our soul, wanting to be there permanently, remember of God.

Let us remember that He is the Father and, as such, His donation is always on behalf of His children.

Despite everything and beyond all, there will always be God protecting, conducting and driving us.

Nobody is or will be abandoned from the Divine Providence.

God looks after us, taking care of our steps so that we follow towards happier days.

If Jesus alerts us that we will have afflictions in the world, He equally invites us to keep good faith, to follow His example, as Model and Guide, because He won the world.

So, in the difficult days, let us remember God. Let us seek His company and His support. Let us pray.

It will be in the Divine lap that we will find the strength to better face the afflictions of the world because, as bigger and more painful are our difficulties, pains, doubts and anguishes, there will always be God supporting and guiding our steps.

Spiritist Moment Team.

February 22.2018.

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