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Curitiba, 20 de Março de 2019
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ícone The Face of God

In August 26 of 2017, the National Hurricane Center in the United States, began monitoring a tropical wave over the Western African coast.

In the next twenty four hours, it was classified as a tropical storm. And received the name of Irma.

It would become a hurricane, a tropical cyclone which, reaching the Caribbean and Cuba, left a trail of destruction and death.

It arrived the United States with the same attitude of revolt like a planet which seeks to survive, despite the abuse it has received from its inhabitants.

Previously announced, came to generate panic. The gas stations, supermarkets, building shops, could not meet the demand.

There was lack of water, food and even screws and nails to woods that were supposed to protect doors and windows.

The passing of Irma left a good portion of the American population lacking in almost everything. More than one million people remained without electricity.

In the saddest cases, there was the loss of the greatest asset, life.

After its catastrophic passage, when people started leaving their houses, their shelters, they were realizing the damage.

There was no one who could control the tears before the scenes of desolation.

Uprooted trees, damaged houses, destruction everywhere. And, in many hearts, the uncertainty of how would their friends and relatives be.

It was then, when neighbors and strangers met on the streets, that the Face of God was manifested, even for those who do not believe in His existence.

It could be in the name of Jesus, Krishna, Buddha, Jehovah or simply by the sense of solidarity, God was present in their attitudes.

In the days of difficulties ensued, what was observed was people willing to assist, each as they could and with what they had available.

There were arms that provided for a single cut of a fallen tree, to donations of food and water for the shelters prepared for people and animals.

It took the birds a few days to begin singing again. However, the music of the human heart could be heard.

A painful song, but energetic. A song that featured the rhythm of work, support and reconstruction.

The Face of God shone in the eyes of creatures, in demonstrations of the Divine potential of love, existent in each one.

We think about the law of destruction, which determines that it is necessary that everything gets destroyed, to be reborn and to be regenerated.

Because that, that we call destruction, is transformation, which target is renovation and the improvement of the living beings.

Yes, everything happens in our lives so that we have a different attitude, so that we leave from our complacency and seek renovation.

The hurricane Irma had shown us its face of terror. But, amid the chaos that was established, we could contemplate the Face of God in His creatures.

Irma turned the souls into sisters. And this is the Face of God because, according to John the Evangelist, God is love.

Spiritist Moment Team, based on the article A grande lição de Irma, by Umberto Fabri,
from the
Correio Fraterno Paper, in September/October of 2017 and the transcription
of the First Epistle of John, chapter 4, versicle 8.
February 20.2018.

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