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Curitiba, 20 de Março de 2019
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ícone Listen to God

Many of us turn to God in difficult times.

The sorrows that come to us, the challenges that life proposes, problems that seem as if we cannot overcome them.

None of us can say that we are immune to days that feel like a storm, that we are free of the kind of suffering that can make the floor beneath our feet disappear.

For some people, it is the loved one that returned to the spiritual world leaving behind a great and excruciating absence.

For other people, it is the disease with irreversible consequences that impairs our health, destroying the plans of the future, forcing us to rethink the next steps of our life.

Many people are taken over by despair with financial difficulties, with unemployment, and with all the material needs that pile up.

At times where the heart is taken by despair, where hope fades and the mind troubles, we remember to seek God.

Some people find God through incessantly repeated prayers, almost like a mantra, inviting and inducing concentration.

Other people do not use ready-made prayers, so they can turn their prayer into a conversation with the Father, an informal dialogue, a way to unburden.

Some people cannot even find the words and ideas, they just beg to the Father for orientation, discernment, guidance or direction.

That´s what we should do. During difficult times, there is no better shelter than praying.

There is no better mentor than a prayer, there is no better way to find peace than to search inspiration with God.

However, when despair takes control, we expect the immediate answer.

Prayer is often followed by anxiety, when we expect the answers to come, explicit, clear, and tangible.

When our needs become more than we can handle, turning into despair, we long to a  quick answer from God.

We forget that God needs our silence to be heard in our hearts.

Therefore, after the request to the Father, let´s keep inner silence.

Let´s take shelter from this noisy world. Let´s decrease the confusion we carry inside.

Only in this way, in the silence of our soul, we can listen to God’s answer .

 Only when we dive into our own innerworld, we will have the possibility to find this basic nourishment, sustainer of life that comes from God.

After our prayers, let´s stay in our inner world.

Let´s take refuge in faith, in the certainty that the Father will give us the best, at the right moment, in the appropriate dimension.

And there, in our intimacy, God will bring the answers and peace for our expectations.

Even Jesus, in His matchless purity, sought the inner silence, after the tiring journey by the mob in order to rediscover Himself with God.

Let´s do the same. Let´s look for the intimate silence so we can listen God and understand His answer to our requests and needs. 


Spiritist Moment Team, based on the message
Silêncio para ouvir Deus,
by the Spirit Joanna de Ângelis,
psychographed by  Divaldo Pereira Franco, on February,
9,2015, in Centro Espírita Caminho da Redenção.
February 15.2018.

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