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ícone A heart without sorrow

He was a cardiologist and a successful writer. However, he was an unpleasant, bitter and angry person. These characteristics were so easy to spot, that during a flight, the flight attendant suggested to him to read  the book Love and survival.  

He was embarrassed considering he was the author of that book. He wrote it to others and forgot to apply it to himself.

That made him think: Why am I a man of bad temper? I am one of the most important men in America. Why do I have bad humor?

He realized he was unhappy because he hated his own father. He was never kind, never gave him a hug or a kiss.

He decided to put an end to this in order to be happy. He called his father and told him that next week he would visit him. Gave him the flight number, the date and the arrival time.

When he arrived in the city, his father was not at the airport. Dr. Dean was very upset. He took a cab and went to his father’s house.

The father was sitting in the living room and did not get up to talk to him. His anger increased.

Father, I have travelled almost two thousand miles to see you.

There must be a really strong reason for you never have visited me.

The son continued to get angrier and decided to spill all his anger.

I came here to tell you some truths. I have a lot of sorrow from you because you never took care of me kindly. And now, although I have everything, I am unhappy and it is your fault.

Why is it my fault? – Asked the father.

Because all the other fathers are kind and you never were.

That was the father’s moment to consider:

My son, I like you a lot and appreciate that you honor our name. I am a farmer, I work with the soil. You are important, you fly in airplanes and go to big parties. Your old man still works with the hoe.

You say I never hugged you, it is true. When your mother died, you were eight years old and I decided not to get married again so you would not have a stepmother.

You have no idea how it was to live alone due to the love I felt for you. I worked in the fields, day and night to pay for your college. You never asked me how I got the money. I renounced all comfort so my son could be a doctor.

You became famous and never remembered you had an old and sick father. How dare you come to my house and tell me you do not like me because I did not hug you?

And why did not you, as a child, hug me? Why did not you kiss me?

Dr. Dean woke up: this extraordinary man was his hero. He lived in a village, continued to work, respecting the affection from his ungrateful son. He hugged his father and asked for forgiveness.

I will never forgive you, was the answer.

And why not?

Because I never had any sorrow from you. As a father, I have always loved you. I know you were very smart but had no life experience, which is acquired through pain and work. Your house is still here, my son, and your father is still the same.

Dr. Dean concluded: In that day I freed myself from pride and selfishness. Now, everything I teach others, I do it myself, because I have found purpose in life.

*   *   *

Many times we carry foolish sorrows, embittering our own lives. There is nothing better than an honest, open, dialog to adjust details and improve relationships.

We should think about that.

Spiritist Moment Team, based on
facts from Dr. Dean Ornish’s life.
September 29.2017.

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