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Curitiba, 19 de Fevereiro de 2018
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ícone Who are we?

The days pass by so fast. The decades to come are nothing but instants, moments, seconds.

Yesterday, a new born, the first tortuous steps were taken. This is the sweet rehearsal for life: faltering steps and painful falls. Until the day the steps get firm, we do not fall anymore and we learn to live.

And where is the child that we once were?

The child that looked around dazzled, coloring and coloring again the world with the colors of curiosity, of innocence, of the make believe.

In a brief instant, the adolescence arrives. Discoveries, emotions, reactions and exacerbated feelings.

And where is the youngster of yesterday?  Where are the ideals, the goals and the sparkle in the eyes?

Do we carry our dreams with us or have we already lost them along the way, submerged by the sea of circumstances?

Today we are adults. We have social roles to play. We are charged with goals, duties and obligations.

It is expected from us to be what we have to and do what we should do.

However, who are we?

Are we the child that rehearses his steps for life? The youngster immersed in an ocean of emotions? Or, yet, the adult whose shoulders have to carry heavy responsibilities?

The days go by so fast. The hours leave behind only ashes. Was there enough time for the child to grow, for the youthful to mature, for the adult to learn to live?

Who are we?

*   *   *

Science does not use anymore the concept of universe, but the idea of multiverse, an assembly of all the related universes known as parallel universes

It is estimated that within our universe exists about two hundred billion galaxies and one of them is ours – the Milky Way. This, of small proportion, has a hundred billion stars. Among those stars there is a particular one: our sun.

Planets orbit around it and one of them is where we live, the Earth.

On Earth, over three million animal species have been cataloged and among them, our own, homo sapiens, with seven billion individuals.

And the question repeats: who are we?

 We are one individual within the seven billion of the same species, computed amid the three million classified, who lives in a planet that orbits around a star that is only one amongst the one hundred billion others that compose our galaxy.

That is just one among the two hundred billion galaxies that exist in our universe, which is, finally, just one within so many others universes.

*   *   *

It is the greatness of the work that reveals its Creator. The same hands that created this entire splendor in light, also created each one of us with infinite opportunities of progress, happiness, knowledge, evolution.

We are, within ourselves, a whole universe to be discovered.

We are not our accent or our social standing. We are not our material goods, the religion we profess, the position we have in our work or the color of our skin. 

Ahead of that, we are the love we grow, the good we do, the knowledge we acquire, the lessons we learn, the truth we seek. 

From the universe of possibilities that we are made of, we are the choices we make.

Let us think about that!

Spiritist Moment Team based in the text
Com quem você pensa que está falando,
of Mário Cortella.
November 4.2016.

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