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Curitiba, 22 de Janeiro de 2019
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ícone Lord of the unfortunate

Lord God of the unfortunate!

Tell me, Lord!

If it is madness… If it is true

So much horror at the heavens?


Oh sea, why do not vanishes

With the sponge of thy billows

From your manthle this blur? …

Stars! Nights! Storms!

Roll down from the immensities!

Sweep the seas, typhoon!

*   *   *

The slavers’ ships of Castro Alves still sail the world’s oceans.

They are refugees coming from countries at war. They are immigrants traveling in subhuman conditions to try a life in a new continent. And shipwrecked in the icy darkness of unfamiliar seas.

They are whole families enticed by the offering of new opportunities, subject themselves to slave labor, far from home.

The poet’s cry has never been so alive in our souls:

Tell me, Lord God! If it is madness… If it is true. So much horror at the heavens!

We live in a time of contrasts. Our moral wounds have never been so exposed, have never bothered so much.

Many do not see ourselves as Brothers in Humanity. Many do not understand that the strongest should take care of the weak.

The idea of love of neighbor is still understood as loving those who are dear to us, to ours, to the same clan.

These are living their last chance on Earth.If they do not fit in the new proposal of a planet of solidarity, donation, regeneration, they will actually be swept away by the powerful typhoon of the Divine Laws.

The planet needs to pass the year, using a well-known school terminology. People need to pass the year.

Those who, after numerous attempts, numerous recoveries, still refuse to learn, to grow, will need to change the class, or yet, change to school.

It is with the Law of Love that the Creator is, gradually, sweeping off these seas the cruelty, hatred, the indifference.

It is with the Law Of Love that He embraces the wretches, daily, telling them that they are blessed to undergo well, that is, learning the necessary lessons and expunging of their souls debts of another past.

It is through the Law of Love that the Creator is modifying each of us, so that when we face serious situations like these in Society, we do not remain silent or still. So that we know what to do right away.

It is because the Law of Love that we are using more the verb to share, sharing our knowledge, involving ourselves with the other’s pain, thinking more in the collective and less on the individual.

The Lord of the unfortunate is active in the world as always, as a loving Father, as a Father who wants to teach, giving free will to the children to define their ways, and showing them the effects of each choice.

Each pick has its consequences. Each action or omission leads us to a series of events, experiences, reactions of the Universe.

*   *   *

So much horror at the heavens is still true… With crazy tone, the insistence of man in following the same stony paths.

But it is also true that times are changing. Love begins to sweep the plains, the plateaus, mountains and seas.

Finally, we are left with an important question to be answered: Do we wish to be part of this change?

Spiritist Moment Team, based on verses  from
 the poem
Navio negreiro, by Castro Alves.
June 29.2016.

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