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Curitiba, 22 de Janeiro de 2019
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ícone Hear God

There are many who have recourse to God in difficult times.

The pains that come to us, the challenges that life offers, difficulties that seem insurmountable.

None of us can claim to be immune to stormy days, free of intense tribulations, those able of taking away the floor beneath our feet.

For some, it is the loved one who has gone to the Spiritual world, leaving immense and poignant absence.

For others, the disease that develops irreversible, undermining health, collapsing future plans, forcing us to rethink the next life pages.

And many who get desperate by financial difficulties, the job that does not come, the material needs that accumulate.

At such times, the heart overflowing with despair, hopes wane and troubled mind, we remember to seek God.

Some, through incessantly repeated prayers, almost like  a mantra, inviting and provoking concentration.

Others of us undress ourselves from the ready-made formulas, to make prayer a moment of conversation with the Father. Informal dialogue, free, as a vent.

 Still others, barely able to make or arrange the thought, only entreat Father guidance, discernment, script or direction.

And yet we do. In major difficult, there is no better refuge than prayer.

There is no better counselor than prayer, there is no better chance than the search for inspiration with the Father.

However, in our despair, we expect an immediate response.

After the prayer, often follows the anxiety, the expectation that the answers come, explicit, clear, and tangible.

In the overflow of our needs, if not despair, we long for the quick response of the Divinity.

We forget that God needs our silence to be heard in our hearts.

Thus, after praying to God, let us be aware of inner silence.

Take refuge from foreign shambles. Seek to decrease the inner turmoil that we carry.

Only then, in the silence of the soul, we can hear God´s answer.

Only when we dive into our inner world, we will be able to find this basic food, sustainer of life that comes from God.

After our prayers, we seek to keep us in our inner world.

Take refuge in faith, in the certainty that the Father will gives us the best at the right time, as appropriate.

And there, in our intimacy, God will bring us the answers and the tranquility to our longings.

Even Jesus, in His matchless purity, sought the inner silence, after the grueling journey by the mob, in order to rediscover Himself with God.

Do the same. Seek the intimate silence so that we can hear God, and we can understand His response to our requests and needs.

Spiritist Moment Team, based on the message Silencio
para ouvir Deus, by the Spirit Joanna de Angelis, psychographic by
Divaldo Pereira Franco, in the mediumship session of February
9 of 2015, in the
Centro EspíritaCaminho da Redenção.
May 18.2016.

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