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ícone What goes and what stays

A few days ago I moved into my new home.

The furniture had arrived and had to be assembled. I hired, then, the services of a joiner.

He was an experienced and hardworking man. In just three days he could ride alone the bedroom furniture, living room and kitchen.

And he liked to talk too. Between a hammer and another, one set screw,  he started the most diverse subjects.

From time to time he talked about politics. At other times, discoursed about the advantages of his favorite soccer team. Still, talked about the weather, news and the latest sensationalist news from the newspaper.

But, undoubtedly, his favorite subject was his family. He liked to tell about the dedication of his wife and the intelligence and education of his children. His eyes shone with pride and happiness.

However, that third day, when he arrived to my house to complete assembling the furniture, I noticed there was something different in his face.

He worked all day silent and, because I was worried with such a change in behavior, I questioned him what was going on.

That was not an easy day for him: in the morning, his work vehicle had presented problems and, therefore, would stay for several days in the machine shop.

When he was at the bus stop, waiting for the transportation that would bring him to my house, a burglar stole his toolbox.

And, to top it off, his wallet was in the box. Thus, all his documents had been lost too.

So, he was extremely irritated, which justified his silence.

When he finished his work, in solidarity with the sad events of that day, I offered him a ride home, because I knew that he has very tired. Gratefully, he accepted.

When we arrived, he invited me to come in, in order to meet his family.

In front of the residence, there was a majestic tree. Before opening the door of his home, the worker leaned in it briefly and, after that, his mood changed, which caused me a great amazement.

He came home smiling, kissing his wife and children, and, for once, talking a lot.

She invited me for dinner and the evening was very enjoyable.

When saying good bye, surrounded by curiosity, I asked him about the tree and that radical change of attitude.

Smiling, he replied: That is my problem tree. When I get home, I leave all my problems in it, so I do not take it out on my family, because of anything they are guilty.

Tomorrow, when I go to work, I will pick them up again and, with the help of God, I go out to solve them.

  *   *   *

Although the difficult situations that arise on a daily basis, always cultivate the good cheer to those who are around us.

Let us not allow our problems to turn into rude words, impatience, lack of affection, love, understanding, tenderness.

Because the money, the stress, the goals to be achieved will be away… But the family, friends, complicity moments alongside those who love us and whom we love, those are eternal...

Think about it… But think now!

Spiritist Moment Team,
based on a story of unknown author.
May 9.2016.

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