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ícone Creating a meaning for life

What is the meaning of life?

It was the question that the little six-year old boy asked the famous American astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson, in one of his lectures.

The scientist's response was fabulous.

He began by saying that people ask this question believing that meaning is something you can look for. They do not consider the possibility that the meaning of life is something that is created.

Exactly this: the meaning of life is something that the person produces for himself and others.

He, as a man of science, when thinking about that, questions himself: Will I learn something today that I did not know yesterday? Am I at least a little closer to everything there is to know in the Universe?

The astrophysicist believes that if you live a single day in which you learn nothing, you have wasted that day.

They are powerful thoughts. It is worth reflecting a little about them.

At various times in life we seek this meaning. At each stage of life it has different characteristics, depending on our maturity.

Some even think that this meaning is far from where they were born and set off on journeys around the world. They are journeys, many times uncountable, looking for something they do not know exactly what it is.

There are those who seek in the earth religions. Migrate from this to that, depending on which satisfies them, on this or that moment of life or state of mind.

However, back to the astrophysicist’s proposal: creating a meaning for life and not finding one.

To find gives the impression of something that is out there, is external. To create concerns a move that emanates from us, and just us.

Forces are mobilized to achieve something valuable.

Thus, if we switch on our energies and direct them to the serious study of a particular area of knowledge, which can bring good results to the community around us, we are creating a meaning.

If we embrace fatherhood, motherhood with awareness, understanding our role as advisors, educators, promoters of peace for the new era, we are creating a meaning to our lives.

If we can devote some of our time to some noble social cause, as a volunteer worker, knowing that we are changing the world, here we are giving meaning to our lives.

If you are a good person; if we receive with open arms those who come to us; if we are always ready to help and make every effort to do so; if we are true friends and build our lives on this basis, there is the meaning to our lives.

There are many ways to create that meaning. Each one will find its own in the intimacy of your own being.

*   *   *

Think. Let us ask daily: Will I learn something today that I did not know yesterday? Not only the sphere of the intellectual knowledge, but also in the moral area.

Am I better? What have I done to be better? Which efforts have I undertook?

And congratulate ourselves when we realize the victories and find the meaning, motivation, happiness.

The law of progress is one of the Divine laws that always puts us on the path of ascension.

Spiritist Moment Team, based on the text
O sentido da vida, by Andrey Cechelero.
May 6.2016.

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