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ícone The time of the heart

How many days are necessary to build a friendship?

In how many years do we consolidate a big love?

Many times we think that we can chronometer everything, that the time is just one.

We have the illusion that the time we see at the clock can solve all the things of the life.

It is true that seconds, forming minutes and composing hours are the chronometer of our hours of work, it is a reference for our meetings, it is a way to count the beginning and end of our commitments.

But, when the heart head the counting, the time gets another dimension, and the seconds have a minor significance.

How many time is sufficient to stay with the loved one?

What is the length of time when we are with friends and dear souls that fill us of happiness?

On the other hand, why do the hours seem to pass so slow in difficulties, problems and pain?

            That's why we can observe that the time of our intimacy can’t be measured with cold and impassive chronometers.

For the things of the heart, it is necessary time to feel emotions, and for this there is no clock or chronometer able to  measure it.

In these days of intense immediacy, velocities measured by the succeed electronic messages and images and text postings on the Internet, many of us get confuse in our emotions.

We think that the big love will happen very fast, that the friendships will consolidate immediately, that feelings  and wishes that are in our intimacy will germinate at the speed of some clicks.

We forget that the world just increased the velocity speed in communication, in the exchange of information, and the intercontinental connection.

However, our heart keeps processing emotions in the same way it did with the man at Ancient Greece, at the Middle Ages, and at the Enlightenment period.

To have a big love, it is necessary to take your own time.

For a big friendship to consolidate, it is essential to give time to it.

But not the time of the seconds of the clock.

It is necessary time of construction of emotions. Investment and strengthening feelings, that is done in its own uncontainable time.

In the anxiety of having everything in the moment, a lot of people abandon the relationship, disappointed, thinking that the it should be easy, constructed without great effort.

So many give up of developing feelings because these will not answer and develop at the same immediate velocity of the things of the world.

And then, they give up precious opportunity of the achievements of new stops in the emotion fields.

Great loves, consolidated friendships are made and are built under the shadow of clashes, resignations, dedication, selflessness and solidarity.

These noble feelings are collected in the course of time, through the experiences and opportunities.

While we do not  permit this to ourselves, we will have in our intimacy just a vague idea, and an idealism far away of the big feelings that are able to fill our soul.

Think about this and invest in the time of the heart.

Spiritist Moment Team.
May 6.2016.

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