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ícone When have we forgotten?

During an interview, a young girl narrated that when she was around seven years old she went with her mother to the local supermarket near her home. While her mother was shopping, she, the girl, hid a milk jam in her pocket.

  As they left the supermarket, the girl feeling the smartest girl in the world, showed the milk jam and said: Look, I took it without paying.

  What she received in return was a severe look. And, soon, the mother took her by the hand, went back to the supermarket, and made her return what she took and apologize.

  The girl cried a lot. She felt dying of shame. However, concluded: This taught me the value of honesty.

*    *    *

  It is possible that many of us had experienced similar moments. Therefore, we ask: When have we deleted the motherly message? What made us forget the taughts of childhood?

  The childhood is the period in which the Spirit, reincarnated into new corporeal vesture, presents itself malleable to the reconstruction of its being.

  It is the period where the parent’s instructions have more value, because after all, they know everything.

  It is ordinary to aim at parental examples, considering that during the educational process, examples speak louder than words.

  Then why have we left such nobles lessons behind? How many of us, yet, had professors which would go further their duties and insisted so we were responsible, correct?

  Creatures which devoted themselves, teaching with their own example, lessons of kindness, cherish, dignity, the value of the given word.

  If all of us came from a home, what made us despise honor, honesty and so many of us turned into corrupt politics, bad professionals, human beings which only think about ourselves?

  It is time to evoke memories, return at the years of parental home allow us to rerun the lessons.

  Do not take what does not belong to you.

  If you find any belongings, search for the owner, because he might be missing it.

  Respect your resembling, his space, his propriety.

  The public assets are ownd by the people and must benefit all of them. Nobody can take as its own what must be public belongings.

  Meritorious is the worker of his salary.

  Respect the housekeeper, the mailman, the garbage man. They are valuable contributors of our lives.

  Remember to thank with words and untimely delicate mimes the diligent work of those hands.

  Greet everybody. Smile. Concede your seat at the subway, to the elderly, to one with special needs, to the pregnant woman, to the one which carries little babies in the arms.

  Cede your place at traffic, wait just one more second so the pedestrian can finish the cross, before starting the car with speed, just because the traffic light turned green.

*   *   *

  The laws are created in order that, obeying them, we live better in society.

  However kindness is not regulated.

  Honesty is a virtue of whom respect itself, the other, the world.

Think about it. Let us go back to our childhood, the days of school benches, let’s remember our parents, our masters, their advices.

  Let´s remake our pathway. The world of tomorrow awaits our correct action, now, within today.

Spiritist Moment Team, quoting the narrative of the article Como nossos pais,
 of Jaqueline Li, Jéssica Martineli, Rafaela Carvalho
and Rita Loiola,
 of the magazine
Sorria, of October/November/2012, ed. MOL
May 2.2016.

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