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Curitiba, 17 de Julho de 2018
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ícone The most expensive gift

Every time that an important date is coming, a date that was established by human conventions to honour somebody, someone special, the commercial advertisings start to assault the media.

Father’s day, Mother’s day, children’s day and so on.

Announces invite us to give good and elegant presents. They enhance that give a good present shows that we didn´t forget the person and how important the person is for us.

They wave with presents that will make who receives them happy.

However, we forget the most important present we can give. One present that we can give without looking at our bank account or salary.

This present, that is so rare, is called our time.

It can be difficult to have a proper amount of time to be with somebody. After all, the life requires so much of us that we are always running.

There are professional chores, social engagements and voluntary work. And if we look to ourselves, possibly we will see that we are moving away from people, every day.

And not only because of the above mentioned reasons.

In the beginning the radio, then television and more recently the internet, is helping us to move away from each other.

In the past, specially in provincial towns, the News circulated in barber shops, at the main square, coffee shop or grocery store.

People used to meet each other, talk about almost everything: soccer, politics, inflation, the birth of the kids, the growth of the kids.

The radio and the television gave us the opportunity to receive the News without going out of our house.

Today the News are widely spread very fast with the internet.

We share News with thousands of people, in seconds, and we don’t even know who they are.

The letter that we used to write with such a neat handwriting, gives place to emailing, typing fast. So fast that sometimes it has a lot of misspellings and grammatical errors.

Accents, commas and points were abandoned. And when we use the cell phone to send messages we use abbreviations instead of entire words.

We started to lose the taste of a good talk, the old and beneficial habit to talk about what happened in our lives, the taste of a life story. We lost the taste of stop to listen, laugh and cry with somebody.

Yes, the nicest and most expensive present that we can give is our time. To be there, to be available.

That’s why, buying flowers, books, perfumes, accessories, a thousand nothings will make who we love happy. But we shouldn´t do it only on the special date that the calendar shows.

 Surprise in the date that is not a special date. It is just our desire to say:  You are important for me.

More than everything, we need to save time to hug, to look eye into eye, to absorb the brightness of the other, to feel the other.

Save time to give yourself a present: Today, I will spend all day with you.

Let’s go out, play, go to the cinema, walk in the beach, do what do you want us to do together.

This is meant for couples, friends, parents, family, young people. For everybody and for each one of us.

Think about it. Let's do it.

Spiritist Moment Team.
March 1. 2016.

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