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ícone Education as art

Education, well understood, is the key to moral progress.

When you know the art of wielding the characters, as it is known to wield the wits, you can straighten them out, as they straighten new plants.  

But this art requires a lot of tact, a lot of experience and a deep observation.

*   *   *

The words found in the answer to question 917 of The Spirits' Book, go to the heart of the theme education.

Treating education as an art, implies a lot.

Implies, for example, in understanding that it requires technique and it requires inspiration, sensibility.

The technique that makes us know the human soul, through the study of the sciences.

Everyone who is an educator, in the most different spheres that this mission covers, needs to have knowledge of the contents of this subject.

We do not speak only about teachers, tutors, counselors, but also about the parents.

Yes, the parents, as educators, need to get this enhancement, whenever possible, to better perform the blessed role they received from the Creator.

We know, undoubtedly, that love is the essence. But love, without the guidance of reason, knowledge, may become rudderless and without direction.

In any way we are putting the need of a technical course or degree, in the field of education, to all the parents, but rather access to reading, courses and orientation that help them develop more appropriately the task that they embrace.

As art, education also requires the installment of inspiration, of sensitivity.

That is where empathy, tact and observation come.

Educators need to get to enter the feeling of their students, thus growing together and providing that the apprentice develops in safe bases.

Art is an expression of the good and beautiful and the art of education causes the sprout, in the heart of the learner, the beauty that holds within itself, as a germ waiting for the moment to flourish.

It sprouts only when it has the necessary conditions: fertile soil, irrigation, sun, care ...

All master is a sower and all seeding is also a true art.

*   *   *

If you are an educator, father, mother, think if you cannot work a little more on exercising this beautiful art.

Do not leave it to second plan, in your life, the task of educating.

If you are at the stage of young children and teenagers, double the care, double the attention.

Nothing in life can be more important than this, in this moment of your existence.

This time goes fast, therefore, enjoy well. Everything seeded today have reflexes throughout adulthood.

The relationship that you build now, with your children and your students, will be the basis for the construction of their personality.

Improve yourself. Devote yourself. Sow.

For being a blessed task and of great importance for the establishment of peace on Earth, remember that you will never be alone to do it. Be sure of that.


Spiritist Moment Team based on  item 917,
The Spirits' Book,  by Allan Kardec,
publishing house FEB.
July 28, 2015.

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