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Curitiba, 25 de Agosto de 2019
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ícone Drop of dew in the chalice of a flower

Have you prayed lately?

Do you have the habit of praying or does so only when the situation is very complicated?

Maybe, in moments of distress, you have discovered the importance of prayer, but have you managed to make it a habit in your life?

Not these habits that jut out of the automatism, but those we practice with the awareness that we do and are indispensable.

It is worth reflecting on this great resource that we have, as the words of a friend Spirit:

The prayer is a sublime aspiration, to whom God has granted a power so magical, that the Spirits asks for it constantly.

Soft dew, it is like spiritual refreshment for the poor exiled on Earth, and a fruitful provision for the soul in test.

The prayer acts directly on the Spirit to which it is addressed.

It does not transform its thorns on roses, but modifies its life of suffering (nothing can be under the immutable will of God), giving this impulse of desire that raises their courage, giving you strength to fight against the tests and overcome them.

By this means is shortened the path that leads to God and, as marvelous effect, nothing can be compared to prayer.

The one who blasphemes against the prayer is nothing but an inferior Spirit, so attached to Earth that does not even understand that should cling to this lifeline.

Pray, because prayer is a word falling heaven; it is a drop of dew in the chalice of a flower; it is the mainstay of reed during the tempest; it is the board of the poor shipwrecked in a storm; it is the shelter for the homeless and the orphan; it is the crib for the child to sleep.

The prayer connects us to God through the language, calling his attention to us.

Pray for us is to love Him. Asking Him for a brother is an act of love of the most deserving.

The prayer that comes from the heart is the key to the treasures of blessings. It is the administrator that offers benefits on behalf of infinite mercy.

The soul that raises to God by one of these impulses of sublime prayer, detached from its coarse wrapper, is full of confidence before Him, sure to obtain what is asked for with humility.

* * *

Reflect in your nature. Count your disappointments and your risks. Recognize the deep abysm to where can  your passions drag you.

Look at the ones who fall around you and feel the need to pray. It is the anchor of salvation that will prevent the disintegration of your ship,  so shaken by storms of the world.

* * *

The soul needs prayer, as well as the body needs bread.

The prayer is the food of the soul, is what gives you the strength to cope with the unavoidable challenges of the days.

The prayer is the exercise of altruism, when in its verses are the supplications for the pains beyond.

Make prayer a habit of spiritual hygiene.

Create this moment of intimate dialogue with our Creator.

Our days will be much more pleasant, our life will have more harmony, when we really abseil into the blessings of prayer.


Spiritist Moment Team, based on the message Efeitos da prece,
by a familiar Spirit, published on the Revue Spirite, of Allan Kardec,
 in november of 1861.
January 19.2015.

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