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ícone Empty praises

The traditions of the spiritual world tell that, once, Vincent de Paul, the noble French priest, was celebrating a religious craft.

The noble cleric, who would gain the History by his devotion to the poor and for his humility, notes, in the midst of the solemnity, sudden public praise.

Approaches the altar an old pirate who, aloud, begins his litany of thanks.

Thank you my Lord, he said, for the rich vessels that You've placed in my path, for the good prey, victims of my theft and looting.

Thanks to Your generosity my Lord, I was able to take their wealth and treasures. Do not allow that this Thy son gets lost in misery. 

Next, approaches the altar a young man who, by its turn, starts to weave the reasons that he had to thank the Lord.

Thank you my Lord, for the heritage that Thou allowed me to inherit with the death of my grandfather.

He, who made his fortune in war and battles, leaves us a large sum of money.

Thus, I am going to spend my existence in idleness and fun, without the necessity of working.

Then, it was a mature gentleman who approached the altar to his public thanks.

Divine Master, I thank you for Your support for the victory in the battle that I began to expand the areas of my land.

Now, thanks to Thy power, I will enlarge my fortune and my goods. 

It did not take long to an adorned lady to take position of her gratitude.

I thank you Lord, for the slaves that You gave me in my colonial land.

Thanks to their work, I have wealth, power and richness, without major concerns with my future and that of mine. 

The thanks continued, when St. Vincent de Paul, terrified, noticed that the image of the Master of Nazareth, static on the altar, acquired life and movement.

Noticing that the Master, crying, was getting away with quick steps, the noble priest, frightened, asked Him:

Master, why are You facing away from us?

The Heavenly Friend, melancholic, directed himself to the priest:

Vicente, I get away because I feel ashamed to receive praises and thanks from those who forget and despise the weak, the unfortunate, the hapless and think only of themselves.

From that day on, St. Vincent de Paul never abandoned the coat of poverty, working tirelessly in charity.

*   *   *

Not different from these, many times, we act in a similar way.

Remember to thank God with our lips and words.

However, we forget that, as reminds us Jesus, that each one of those that we dress, give beverage and food, will be to Him that we will be serving.

The best way to thank God, will be always serving our neighbor.

Give the sweatshirt, the bread, or even, to give of our time and attention to those who cross our path, will be the most noble and happy way to thank the blessings of life.


Spiritist Moment Team, based on the chapter 13,
of the book
Contos e Apólogos, by the Spirit Irmão X,
psychographics by  Francisco Cândido Xavier,
publisher FEB.
November, 17.2014.

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