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Curitiba, 18 de Agosto de 2019
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ícone Ecce Homo

Who would recognize in that Man the greatness of His soul?

The world was, and still is, accustomed to evaluate things through the eyes, not understanding the weights of the heart.

For this reason, many wise men, rich and doctors have despised Him, while others, people wearing rags, tattered, sick, have understood the song He sang.

Who would say that the Heavenly King would come to serve?

The infant dreams of Humanity have expected Him as representative, requiring that, under the weight of His sword, everyone kneeled to His feet.

He, however, was able to make Himself the servant, washing the feet of the Apostles, teaching the lessons still misunderstood of humility and simplicity.

How would it be possible to realize in that figure a holy man?

Once that He walked along with the lepers, talked to the harlots, had supper with publicans, how would he not be tainted with the impure?

However, intact, He showed that purity is able to clean all of the maculate, to the point that one of His assured that love is able to cover a multitude of sins.

He called us sheep, so that we would understand He was the Good Shepherd.

And invited us to follow Him, taking only His light burden and His gentle yoke.

In the name of a love never seen before, and until today short lived, He was able to heal blind, clean rot flesh, convert the deluded with live and revolutionize the world.

He healed on the sabbath, hung conversation with the Samaritan woman, invited the tax collector to follow Him.

Showed that the poor widow grant more than the rich Pharisee. He used the figure of a dry fig tree, without fruits, to talk about the need to always produce good work.

And, healing so many, warned that it would not matter throw good wine in an old bottle, inviting, therefore, to the renewal of thoughts, attitudes, proceed.

As older and more experienced brother, He explained to us that God is the Father, a kind and generous Father, provider of all our needs.

Ceased our afflictions in the reliquary of faith.

And loved unconditionally. In such a way and with such intensity, that His singing, since the first time, drunken the heroes and heroines, who sacrificed themselves in the name of living His message: burned in bonfires, shattered by the beasts.

Then they were the first thinkers, modifying and reformulating themselves, morally, in the understanding of His message.

Not longer after, came the most saints, in order to resume the simplicity of His message, already lost in the mire of human passions.

And, more recently, there have been those who rise above the crowd, by permitting themselves love, as He has suggested.

After all, who is this Man, who is He in our life?

Pilate, when introducing Him to the crowd, in order to satisfy the rabble, referred to Him only by saying: Ecce Homo. Here is the Man.

Extraordinary synthesis. There was the whole man, full.

But, for those who allow themselves raise awareness for His proposal, He is the Way, the Truth and the Life. The Good Shepherd, the Light of the world, the fullness.

This Christmas, let us think about what He, the good Jesus, has represented in our life.

Let us remember that sounds the hour in which, finally, there will be shelter for Him in the home of our heart, so that, definitely, it will be perennial Christmas in us.


Spiritist Moment Team.
May 20.2014.

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