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Curitiba, 18 de Agosto de 2019
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ícone Encounter with God

Lord, so many were the times that my eyes goggled heaven, in search of answers.

I have watched the sorrows of the world and wondered where Thy righteousness, where Thy goodness, where Thy infinite love.

Yet I asked myself: Who are Thou? Where Thou lives?

However, that day had to arrive. And it did. And we found each other.

The hospital was especially cold that night of autumn.

I was doing my shift, accompanying the chart of each patient by which I, as a doctor, was responsible.

I was surprised, then, by the mother of one of my patients, who, desperately, screamed my name.

Her son, who was seven years old at the time, was having followed crisis of convulsion. His fragile body, taken by cancer, struggled on the stretcher.

After stabilizing him and taking into account my forty years in the oncology area, I knew his death would not take long to reach that frail boy.

However, something unusual happened: perhaps because I thought of  my grandson, healthy and happy, tears began to sprout incessant of my eyes, and even struggling, I could not stop them.

I grabbed the hands of that child and, sustained by that mother who now shared the tears with me, I felt the heartbeat becoming increasingly weak, until it completely cease.

Immediately, I began to think in words of comfort to relieve the heart of that mother who had just lost her son. However, the thick tears that brought together by my face did not allow me comfort anyone.

And how astonished I was when that lady, rubbing her own tears, embraced me and said: Do not cry, doctor. God has willed my son not to suffer no more.

God always acts in our favor, she continued. We are the ones that, being selfish, many times are not capable of discerning His mercy in everything around us, even when we suffer.

Confused, I could not follow the reasoning of such wise woman: How can we find mercy in pain?

And she, like reading my thoughts, assured: God is as a father who treats his ill son: allows the child to take the remedy, though bitter, but that will bring relief and healing to the sick body.

God allows us to take the bitter pill of suffering, so that we can heal our Spirit from all evil that, might, still live in him.

*  *  *

In the so simple response of that lady, I found Thou.

In that hospital stretcher, was not only the son of a resigned woman. All the sorrows of the world, for which I also wept, were represented there.

While I saw the injustice and pain, she saw the opportunity and regeneration. While I lost a patient to death, she gave a son to life. I saw the end. She, the beginning.

*  *  *

God is revealed in everything. Let us lower the guard of our pride, our materialism, our selfishness in order to realize Him.

In the green of the forests, in the singing of the birds, in the ones who suffer, in the ones who laugh and inside of us... There He is!

Let us think about this.


Spiritist Moment Team.
September 19.2013.

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