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Curitiba, 18 de Agosto de 2019
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ícone The elegance of behavior

People usually worry about their physical appearance, and try to show a certain amount of elegance, according to their possibilities.

That is quite natural for human beings. That is so true that many look for tutors who will teach them good manners.

However, some things are very difficult to be taught; learning them is even harder. Maybe that is why they are becoming that rare: the elegance of behavior.

A gift that goes beyond the correct use of cutlery, and includes much more than properly thanking a courtesy.

Elegance is what accompanies us from the early hours of the morning and comes out in the most common situations, when there are no parties or photographers around: it is the unaware, voluntary elegance.

It is possible to detect it in people who give more compliments than criticize.

In the people who listen more than speak. And when they speak, they do not gossip, they are not into adding details to nasty things that pass from mouth to mouth.

It is also possible to detect it in people who do not use a high pitched voice when speaking. In people who avoid awkward situations, because they do not feel comfortable humiliating people.

Elegance is what you can observe in people who are punctual, who respect other people’s time as well as their own.

Elegant is someone who shows interest in matters they do not understand much about. It is the person who does what was promised; when getting a phone call, does not tell his or her secretary to ask who is calling before saying if he or she is in or not.

It is elegant not to get too much space. To be elegant is not to change style just to adapt oneself to someone else.

It is very elegant not to speak about money during informal meetings.

It is elegant to repay affection and solidarity.

Surnames, position or jewels do not substitute the elegance of a gesture. There is no good manners’ book that teaches a person to have a generous vision of the world or to live without arrogance.

One can try to capture this natural gracefulness through observation, but trying to imitate it is useless.

The person who has an elegant behavior speaks with the same tone of voice with all individuals, indistinctively.

To have an elegant behavior is to be gentle with no presumption.

It is to be friendly with no negative connivance.

It is to be sincere without aggressiveness.

It is to be humble without negligence.

To be cordial without hypocrisy.

To be simple with sobriety.

It is the capacity of forgiving without ostentation.

It is to overcome the difficulties with faith and courage.

It is to know how to disarm violence with gentleness and achieve victory without boasting about it.

Finally, elegance in behavior is not something you have, it is something you are.


Think about it!

More than memorize rules of good manners and elaborate skilled gestures, it is necessary to develop the true elegance of behavior.

Each gesture must be sincere, each attitude must have sobriety.

True elegance comes from one’s character, because it proceeds from the essence of the human being.


Written by Spiritist Moment Team, based on a message from Martha Medeiros, found in the following  site: .




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