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ícone A different King



Being a king used to mean, in the past, to be superior in comparison to the others. In some cases, it meant the achievement of a divine condition.

The real personality would go on as if everything, around him, owned obedience and flattery. Eternal in power, some would think.

However, it was only necessary an alteration of the political winds or a turnaround at the barrel of the passions of the adversaries, and they were taken off of the power.

There was who would believe to be the most beautiful, the most intelligent, the most perfect. There was also who would call himself the sun king, around whom everybody should set their orbits of the planets of human vanities.

They would disguise themselves with exotic and rich clothes, but without them hiding the moral depravity.

True was, although not all bearing gold crowns and precious beads, many of those who have the power, still now, show some of these behavioral expressions.

And, anyhow, the symbols of power continue to shift from one to another, at the vagaries of human taste.

*   *   *

He, however, is a different King.

His kingdom is not of this world. Expands far beyond the physical boundaries and it is even richer than all the Earth kingdoms together.

His reign covers the unlimited territory of the intimacy of creatures. They are the landscapes and regions of feelings, where can be put the beacons of brotherhood.

His interests are the ones of the Father who has created Him. In this world of so many transitional forms, He is above the petty squabbles of content material.

His crown and His scepter are the love. Indestructible in time. His followers, over the centuries, had been burned, tortured, but not giving up the treasures of the soul which they were trustees.

This powerful King has written the laws of His kingdom, indelibly, in the hearts and minds.

That is the reason why the years had came and the truth is still reaching the ears of those who wish to hear, in everyone's language, because it is said with the power of the truth.

Sun King, took up a costume similar to that of all His subjects and lived among them, little more than three decades.

Overstepped the boundaries of the nations that have received Him and passed through the ages without glooming the glow of His victory.

He has won the death and the world. The men wanted to destroy Him, killing His physical body. He returned, full of light, as he had announced, in a indestructible costume.

Unlike all that reign and reigned over men, He reported that He had come to serve.

And performed tasks considered demeaning, at that time, like wash the feet of all His apostles, in the famous farewell night.

Higher intelligence to all that have gone through this planet, He knew how to talk to people, with kindness, teaching the truth that sets free and makes the creatures happy.

Lord of the Spirits, He demonstrated by acts and expressed in words He was on Earth to fulfill God's will, Father of the heaven, Creator of the Universe.

This King is called Jesus. And, although he had left the Earth, more than two thousand years ago, the gratitude and hope of men celebrate His birthday every year.

Sun King. Lord of the Spirits. Shepherd of souls. Server.

Jesus, the Christ.


Spiritist Moment Team.
February 21.2011.

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