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Curitiba, 18 de Agosto de 2019
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ícone Ecological awareness

A waterfall flowing white like a lacy curtain, a sky full of stars, the smell of wet earth after the first rain, and drops that shine in petals.

Nature is a spectacle to contemplate in respectful silence and the heart in prayer.

God reveals Himself majestic in His monumental works.

Art, beauty, refinement, accuracy. Everything is visible in nature.

Therefore one of the greatest World philosophers once wrote words that summarize well what nature represents to men used to think of God.

This beautiful sentence belongs to Immanuel Kant: Two things fill my soul with admiration and respect: the starry sky above me and the moral law within me.

And facing this spectacle of shapes, colors and scents, what do we humans do?

We pollute, we kill, we use resources carelessly. Only a few years ago mankind began to observe that our World is being mistreated.

The word Ecology then came into vogue World wide and has become synonymous of ethical awareness. But many of us are still far from the sense of respect that the Holy Work should deserve from all of us.

Devastated forests, rivers transformed into putrid watercourses, animals being tortured and sold as a cheap commodity.

This shows us how far we still are from the ideal of love and respect the Work of God deserves.

Our home planet - pillaged, polluted, abused - groans under the human domain. And the worrying results are showing themselves: global warming, diseases, death of species.

Here the product of our neglect turning against us: hurricanes, tsunamis, typhoons.

When the great tragedies resulting from natural phenomena occur, man is the first victim.

And yet man still resists blindly to the signs that something is deeply wrong in the way how we relate to the nature.

How to change back this situation? How to restore the balance?

The answer lies in the word education.

This art of educating people's character is the key for that future generations may have a broader vision about the role of humans, as the causative agent of the destruction of the planet we live on.

To the men of the future - which are today's children and adolescents - we must offer a more complete awareness and a better sense of environmental preservation. to do it?

Educating them from today. An education that goes beyond formal schooling. The education of the Spirit, which consists of implementing new ethical and moral concepts in the individual's values.

The education of the Spirit is complete. It consists not only of the rules of grammar and geometry.

It speaks to man of his role in the World. It educates him to the fraternal coexistence with all beings - humans, animals and plants.

And it prepares you to take care of the place you live in.

This education reveals itself daily in the fight against the wastes of all kinds, in the conscious use of natural resources, and in the full respect of every forms of life.

An example of this higher consciousness can be found in Francis of Assisi, who loved the Holy Work to the point that he called brothers the sun, the moon, the wind, the water and the stars.

Who among us could better translate love than embracing nature with words of love?

Spiritist Moment Team.
June 28.2010.

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