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Curitiba, 18 de Agosto de 2019
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ícone Dying is going back home

When death arrives, bringing its mysteries, it is always followed by divergences and inquiries.

After all, when the eyes are closed to light, the heart is silent and breath ceases, is the human essence also dead?

Materialists deny that life carries on. But spiritualists say that life does, indeed, continue after the grave.

And they are right. There is life after death. Full, powerful, enchanting life.

Is there any proof? Evidences are plain for all who want to see it.

It takes just a glance at the face of a deceased loved one to notice that something is clearly missing: the soul is no longer there.

The Spirit has left the body made of nerves, blood, bones and muscles. It has risen to other places, mysterious places, where the prevailing laws are those created by God.

How is it possible to believe we are no more than an assembly of cells, when within us a universe of thoughts and feelings stirs?

No. We do not die along with the body. The organism shall go back to nature - we return to the Earth the elements we have been given - but the Spirit will never perish.

We will live forever, in other dimensions than this. We are immortal beings. The breath that give us life is not dissipated by the touch of death.

There is proof of that in the messages of renewal that can be seen everywhere.

Have you never noticed the delicate flowers blooming over the graves? That is nature's silent message, announcing the endurance of life.

For those who endeavored to live with and love, death is only the end of a cycle. The way back home.

With the conscience in peace and the heart full of joy, the benign man shuts his physical eyes and opens the windows of the soul.

On the other side of life, a multitude of loved ones awaits. Parents, brothers, children or grandparents - relationship does not matter.

Relatives and friends who passed away earlier will be there, for warm hugs, homesick kisses, welcome smiles.

On that day, tears may drench the soil of the graves and even spatter the flowers, but there will be happiness for the one who departs in peace.

He will discover a new world, long forgotten. He will discover he is loved and experience powerful and contagious love: the love of God.

After the moment when the eyes of the material body are closed, a voice shall echo on the soul that has just left Earth.

And it shall whisper softly: Welcome back home.

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Death has been worthy of all sorts of reflections since man inhabited the Earth.

It is an unavoidable organic phenomenon because Divine Law states that everything that is born, one day shall die.

Death is, therefore, not the end, but the moment for a new start.

Think about it.

Spiritist Moment Team.
April 05.2010.

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