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Curitiba, 20 de Maio de 2019
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In August, 2003, a truck that was parked near the UN Offices in Baghdad, Iraq, exploded.

It was another terrorist attack and it caused the death of 22 employees. Among them there was a Brazilian, Sérgio Vieira de Mello, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights.

Four years later, on June 28, 2007, the UN dedicated a bronze bust as a tribute to the Brazilian diplomat.

The statue sits atop a pedestal containing the names of the other 21 employees who died in the tragic attempt.

It was a surely fair tribute for someone who devoted his life to human rights.

Meanwhile, Sérgio's family was informed that in a few days the supposed author of the attack was due to be hung by the Iraqi justice system.

His mother issued a statement appealing for a review of the death sentence.

The UN Special Spokesman on the independence of judges and lawyers also issued a similar appeal to the Iraqi government.

The whole affair could be no more relevant than other daily news, if not for the reasoning of Sérgio's mother: He always opposed the death penalty.

That was undoubtedly the best and truest tribute the Brazilian diplomat could ever receive.

Just when voices are raised in Brazil claiming for the institution of the death penalty, a mother, in memory of her son, the victim, claims for his murderer's life.

Makes one wonder how much this mother loves her son, for even after his death, overcoming the pain of separation and longing, she shows him respect and tries to accomplish his wishes.

She could let things be. After all, Iraq is so far away and the alleged killer is a complete stranger.

She could reason it is none of her business. But, revealing the depth of her love, she issues the appeal and reminds the principles that guided her son's life.

He fought for human rights. And life is the first right to be ensured.

When so many are ready to urge for the death penalty in our country, how opportune this mother's demonstration is.

She knows nothing will bring her son back. She keeps him within her heart, coloring her memories with the flowers of her long, gentle yearning.

She does not think about revenge. She intends to respect her beloved son and, possibly, the heart of another mother, wife, daughter or sister who will suffer horribly with the death of her loved one, no matter what he has done.

Whether her appeal will be answered or not, only time will tell. However, her gesture has already stunned the society.

Surely, many will reconsider their destructive frames of mind.

As many others will come to a different understanding of the delicate issue of death penalty.

Everyone, nonetheless, will remember a unique, fair and true tribute of a mother to her son.

Respect overcoming the pain of separation and the absence of a beloved son's physical presence to express itself in the name of the ideals upheld for he who had his life so violently taken.

An example to be followed.

Spiritist Moment Team, based on an article on Page 4 (Mundo) of Gazeta do Povo News, on 06.29.2007.
January 04.2010.

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