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ícone The dried fig tree


This known passage of the Gospel narrates that Jesus was hungry and went to look for food at a far standing fig tree.

After getting closer to the fig tree, Jesus noticed that it had only leaves, as it was not fig season.

Then, the Messiah told the fig tree that no one should ever eat any fruit from it.

On the next day, Jesus and the Apostles passed by the same place and noticed that the fig tree was dried to its roots.

This part of the Gospel causes perplexity.

After all, it is surprising that the loving and wise Messiah had taken issue with a tree, especially because it was not fruit season.

However, it is possible to extract coherent reasoning according to christian teachings.

The main question does not seem to be a vegetable without its free will.

The key point to consider is the so common human habit of waiting for the perfect situation to do good, as if men - like the tree - waited for the perfect season to give fruits.

Until all factors are in place, men - like the tree - remain useless.

Some wait to become rich to give some to the poor.

Others are bitter for not having found a big love.

Only after finding exactly what corresponds to their ideals some will be able to comprehend others.

Those with kids say that they can only help others after their kids are grown up.

The employed ones do not do charity for lack of time.

The unemployed, despite having time, say they cannot get peace of mind.

There is always a reason to justify not helping others.

However, maybe the perfect occasion will never present itself.

In the meantime, time goes by.

The risk is to find yourself one day dried, like the tree.

The risk is to become useless and profoundly selfish after running away from work opportunities so often.

The Divine Providence moves so many resources in favor of His creatures!

Before you decline the opportunity to help, count your blessings.

Many times you do not even notice the number of blessings that you ordinarily receive: health, family, work, intelligence, friends...

There are so many treasures in your hands!

Think of the needy people in the world and be thankful for being in a position to serve.

Manifest this thankfulness by helping others.

However and wherever possible, move your hands to do good.

If you look for excuses to remain inert, you will certainly find them.

But if you decide to be helpful, the opportunities will multiply in front of you.

Do not resemble the fig tree in the Gospel passage.

You have your free will and can create the best conditions to support, understand and forgive.

Think about this.

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June 08. 2009.
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