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Curitiba, 31 de Maio de 2020
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ícone About your son

We parents have so many worries about our children. Even when trying to do our best, we get lost many times, not for lack of love but because we miss important points.

That is why it is important to keep in mind that our children are blessed apprentices of life. We should not make their lessons more difficult by trying to do their tasks for them.

Our children are green flower buds in the branches of existence. We should not precipitate their flowering, making their spontaneous vitality weaker.

Our children are disciples of existence. We should not prevent their productivity, taking on our shoulders the occupations that are theirs.

Our children are lamps increasing their light.  We should avoid putting in it the viscous oil of adulation so that the wick, that makes the flickering of hope crackle, will not drown.

Our children are fruits in development to the future. Let us not try to harvest it before the right time comes, as the benefice that it will do does not belong to us.

Let us remember that we are all God's children, and so are our children.

We can walk next to them in this narrow road, but they will only achieve honour when they become able to get to their objectives alone.

We must show them the abyss in front of them, but it is up to them to surpass obstacles and test the fortress of their characters.

We should teach them the lessons of the Gospel, but it is up to them the murmur of the prayer, in the continuous prayer of the noble actions.

Our children are the beloved disciples that God put in reach of our moved hearts; nevertheless, our job is to love as a father loves, teaching, correcting, and educating through discipline for happiness.

Let us show them life, but let us let them live.

Let us talk about darkness, but let us give them the light of knowledge.

Let us send them to school, but let us be their masters at home.

Let us introduce them the world, but let us help them build their own world.

Let us take their hands and put them to work, teaching them with our example, but not actually doing their tasks for them, which would only develop uselessness.

Our children are the life of our lives that will live in the life of the whole humanity.

Let us do our duty loving them, but let us exercise our love teaching them how to love and helping them grow into men though the noblest duties, so that later we will be able to bless them.

Let us love, in our son, the son of all mothers, and let us love in other women's sons our own son, so that being honored with the love of other mothers he will enrich the world, loving other sons.

Our son is divine seed; let us not deny him, due to false tenderness, the dark cave of fertility, pretending devotion, because the seed that does not die will never be source of life.

Our son is the hope of the world, let us not asphyxiate him in the selfishness of our desires, forgetting that we came to Earth without him and will get back alone again, delivering him to God according to the wise and fair laws of creation.


Spiritist Moment Team, based on chapter 37 from the book Crestomatia
da imortalidade, by Several Spirits, psychographed by
Divaldo Pereira Franco, publishing house: Leal.
July 13.2009.

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