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Curitiba, 30 de Maio de 2020
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ícone A chance to be good again

Guilt conscience: bitter hearts severe companion.

Cruel prosecutor, which swallows any peace blow that wishes to caress our face, even if it is just for a brief moment.

So many... So many of us carry the shame of our past acts within our souls... So many of us keep secrets hidden deep inside and are haunted by conscience wars...

So many of these ghosts frighten us without us knowing of it...

Some words we hear when reminded about what we keep in our souls seem to act more like knives on fire willing to torture us.

I wish I could turn back time;

I wish I had acted differently;

Had I known then what I know now...

These are all typical phrases from a guilty mind.

But what if our mind once heard the following phrase at the top of its reign of fire: There is a chance to be good again.

It would certainly close its ears at first. But the sentence would keep echoing. It would be impossible not to hear it anymore. It irresistibly echoes with strength and kindness.

The dominating guilt reign is now under threat. There is a chance of freedom for those who plead themselves prisoners of their own.

Now there is a chance... A chance for peace to come back and come back stronger than before...

What chance is this? It is the chance of practicing good.

Everything we once have destroyed will have a chance of being rebuilt one day through such practice.

Because love covers over a multitude of sins, it will grant us the long awaited freedom through the practice of good.

Past actions are not magically erased indeed, but new acts, based on goodness, will generate so much light that that the shadow-like past will no longer haunt us anymore.

God so perfect and loving laws always show us this is possible.

Souls we betray, hurt, and deceive return to our daily life through reincarnation so that we can now love them.

If we have destroyed, and been taken as a deception, indifference and violence role model, we now come back to build and set examples of peaceful and fulfilling behavior.

If we demonstrate untruthful behavior or lack of honesty, there is always time to get dignity back, to be honest from now on.

There is no such thing as eternal punishment in the divine law.

So why do we keep on condemning ourselves to endless suffering within our souls?

Self-forgiveness is not a synonym of condescendence, but an opportunity for a new chance.

Divine forgiveness is based upon the following reality: giving one a new chance to make it right.

Thus, if God grant us such chance, why don't we allow ourselves a restart?

Guilt conscience serves us only as an initial propeller so that we can identify our mistakes and get encouraged to correct them.

If it nestles within our souls, it then becomes a dangerous and paralyzing poison which keeps disturbing our development towards happiness.

*   *   *

There is a chance to be good again.

A chance to enlighten the shadow.

Goodness carries the strength to break the bars.

Love carries the freedom from guilt.

Spiritist Moment Team.
November 04 2008.

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