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Curitiba, 20 de Maio de 2019
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ícone Agent of Providence

        Praying is a habit for the majority of people.

        Aware of their frailty, they try to keep in touch with the Supreme Being.

        Many ask for help on material matters, like getting a new job or achieving the cure for an illness.

        Others pray for strength in difficult times.

        There are those who seek inspiration from Above to better conduct their existence, in a dignifying context.

        There is also no shortage of those who remember to pray in thankfulness for blessings they received, or just as a way to keep in touch with the highest levels of Spirituality.

        The Gospel mentions many passages when Christ prayed.

        Jesus was pure and wise, and still did not give up praying as a resource.

        It is an eloquent sign that praying is vital to human life.

        When the Master composed the Lord’s Prayer, He pointed out that people should forgive in order to be forgiven.

        He also affirmed that people should do to others as they wish others would do to them.

        From that we can conclude that one should always be prepared to give what one wishes to receive in terms of assistance and comprehension.

        Spiritism teaches that Spirits are agents of Creation.

        They incarnate with the purpose of evolving and gathering knowledge and virtues.

        Thus, they acquire the necessary conditions to do what is asked of them in the work of Creation.

        Spirits are part of nature.

        Human intelligence integrates the Divine Plan.

        Every man has the mission of contributing to the improvement of the world in which he lives.

        The Lord’s projects are accomplished by the actions of His creatures.

        In their unconscious actions, microscopic animals help in the formation of archipelagos.

        The fight of countless men led to the suppression of unjust practices, such as slavery and torture.

        Scientists are always discovering the cure for diseases which trouble Humanity.

        Technological advancements, results from human labor, make life easier and more interesting.

        Thus, Divine Providence manifests through mankind.

        Certainly, those are not the only divine resources.

        But human actions blend themselves in the natural way by which the Creator’s blessings fall upon Earth.

        Your task is changing the World you live into a better place.

        And you should always do to others what you wish they would do to you.

        The answer to your prayers usually does not come in a resounding and mystical way.

        It usually takes the shape of small events which help you and shed light by the actions of other people.

        This way, you can and must be the answer to the prayers your fellow men direct upwards.

        Pay attention to the difficulties of those who are close to you.

        Many of them need a prudent and sensible piece of advice so as to not act with insanity.

        Others need a word of comprehension after a great mistake.

        Some are almost giving up after a defeat and are in need of encouragement and hope.

        You have so much to give!

        Count your blessings and be glad in sharing them.

        Let goodness manifest through your hands.

        Be an agent of Providence.

        This is your mission.

        Accomplishing it, you will accomplish peace and plenitude.

        Think about that.

Spiritist Moment Team.
July 04.2008.

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