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Curitiba, 25 de Agosto de 2019
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ícone Do not spoil your day

Have you ever, at any point, experienced a shadowy grey morning, when everything seemed bitter?

These days apparently have the same aspects for all of us, but each of us faces them on a different way.

Some people get sad and silent. They try to isolate themselves, avoiding any kind of contact with anyone that might question them about what is going on, or wonder what could be the reason for them to be acting this way.

Others let bad humour drive them away and, in just a few minutes, make their surroundings feel bitter and sour. They give abrupt gestures away, get irritated while speaking and blame on others everything that goes wrong.

The answer for this kind of attitude is soon felt on ones´ body, it comes up as heartburn, sour stomach, migraine, muscular pain, amongst other bad feelings.

Even worse, sometimes we are not aware of why we feel so troubled. We don't take time to evaluate the situation or to change its course.

In a thoughtless way, we spoil our day because of a state of mind that comes over us and in which we let ourselves sink without much thinking.

When these bitter moments are gone, we are left with a feeling of discomfort, indisposition, hurt feelings, besmirched relationship.

Therefore, if you feel that one of these days are coming about, be it a cloudy morning or even just a bitter moment, it is worth taking precaution accordingly not to let yourself fall in one of these traps.

If you're still in your house, pray before leaving home.

If you're at work, try to find a place where you'll able to be alone for a few moments, breathe deeply, and lift up your innermost thoughts towards God, seeking for strength and discernment to not let yourself go because of such uncomfortable circumstance.

Always remember that we all have tough moments, and to either make them even more complicated, or get out of them with knowledge and wisdom depends only on us.

Remember that it doesn't matter how difficult a situation is, it will undoubtedly be swallowed by the hours, and it will always be replaced by happier and brighter moments.

Therefore, it is never worth spoiling your day.

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Do not spoil your day!

Your irritability will not solve any problems.

Your annoyance does not change the way things present themselves.

Your disappointments will not do the job that only time will be able to accomplish.

Your bad temper does not modify a single thing.

Your pain will not change the fact that the sun will always shine for the good and the bad people.

Your sadness will not illuminate the path.

Your discouragement will not enlighten anybody.

Tears will not replace the sweat you should shed in your own benefit.

Your complains won't add not even a bit of sympathy from the others towards yourself.

Do not spoil your day.

Learn, with Divine Knowledge, to forgive infinitely, always building and rebuilding for the infinite Goodness.


Spiritist Moment Team, based on the book Agenda cristã,
 chapter 38, by the Spirit André Luiz, psychographed
by Francisco Cândido Xavier. Publishing House: Feb.
August 12, 2010.

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